Raw Honey

Raw Honey from our Bees

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What we grow

A list of some of our produce and when they are in Season

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Your Garden Seedlings

From the 2nd week of March we put out garden seedlings

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Clean Meat and Poultry

 This is a Clean Meat and Poultry Co-op.

Grass fed and finished Beef,Properly dieted poultry,Thanksgiving Turkey,Pork and game.  

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CSA Program


produce Pick up Plan

Sicilian Olive Oil

 First Cold Press, Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Sicily

Farm fresh Eggs

Fresh gathered Organic Eggs from Local Chicken farms ! Always fed correctly, Treated well, and free range

Fresh baked bread

Every Saturday morning Amy bakes Her Famous  fresh bread! Early in the season its Banana bread , then Zucchini bread , ending with Pumpkin bread !!

Farm Stand

The farm Stand is Open Everyday from March 15th to Thanks giving Eve! 

9am to 6pm

Home Made Jared and Canned Goods

Hand Crafted and Homemade Pickles, Jelly and Jam, Apple Butter, Crushed Tomatoes, Rubs, Marinaides ...

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Amish Cow & Goat Milk and Butter

Working on this area,,please bear with us

Dressings,Rubs & Marinades and more

We Make home made Dressings, Rubs, Marinades,BBQ Sauces, Tomato Sauce, Dried and fresh herbs and spices...and lots more

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