Clean Meat and Poultry

Meat, Poultry and Game


From Venison Sausage to Elk to Sirloin Steaks, Amish Chicken, and even Quail Eggs and more.

Our Prices are the Lowest because it is a Co-Op.

Everything arrives fresh on Delivery days

Meat and Poultry Cop-Op


This Is a clean Meat and Poultry Program that is available to anyone who supports the farm ! You can be a CSA member, A Farm stand customer, a Volunteer....Anyone who supports the farm in some way can take advantage of the Low Price and Clean Food

Grass Fed/Finished Beef


Our Beef is NOT fed grain at anytime. They are completely free range with very little human intervention.

Never given growth hormones or Antibiotics and treated with dignity

Healthiest Bacon possible


Smoked with Applewood 

No Nitrites, no Nitrates, no antibiotics,no growth Hormones, No Animal By-products, Vegetarian Fed and just Dam good !!

How to Order


All questions about this Program will be answered when you visit the farm.

Your Initial order is made in Person and all orders after that are texted.

Amish Chicken


The Amish live life the old way. Pure and Simple.

We trust their farming practices