Farm Programs for the Community

Volunteer Programs

Join one of our Volunteer Programs !  Work outdoors, eat healthy get exercise and have FUN ! !

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Pregnant Drives

O T Farm is a venue for Pregnant women in need. Contact us and we will help

Field Trips

Bring your Family, Class, Troop, Pack, Den or group for a Fun Filled and Educational Day!!

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Gardening Classes

Need help with your garden? Or just Curious?

We offer 1 hour gardening Classes Sunday April 8th and May 6th 10am sharp

$5.00 per person

Call/Text to reserve 6314806497

Community Service

You can fulfill any type of community service on the farm.!!

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Bee Keeping Class

Did you ever want to raise your own bees? Or just Curious?

Every Last Sunday of the month(March-Sept) at 12 noon we hold a one hour Bee Keeping 101 class.

$5.00 per person

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