Your Garden

Time to Plant

We only offer Your garden Seedlings when they are safe to Plant.

Cool Weather Seedlings are available 2nd week of March. Warm weather seedlings available 2nd week of May

Vegetable Seedlings

We Grow Most of our Seedlings in our green house. They are hand sown in February and ready for you by March. 

What we grow

Our Garden Soil

Our garden Soil is made by us in our Compost section of the farm.

Most of the Soil is a minimum of 6 years old and is packed with nitrogen !

Rain Water Collection

All of our Seedlings are Watered with Pure Rain Water! 

We can show you how to set up a Rain Water system at your Home

We Plot out your garden

Bring us the Dimensions of your garden and we will map it out creating optimum yield with minimum space

Gardening Classes

Our Fertilizer

Our Fertilizer is organic and high Nitrogen ! Made with Worm castings !